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Subject: RE: Can you recommend Philips Lifeline AutoAlert?


I can certainly attest to the benefits of Philips Lifeline. I know personally of lives that have been saved because of the speedy response that would have never been achieved without the AutoAlert system. My own 90 year old mother wears a Lifeline and I encourage every client of ours who may be a fall risk to look into getting one. Bonnie adds a special level of care, as well." (Dallas, TX )

"My father had a severe fall with a bleeding head injury in October. We know that without the Lifeline with the AutoAlert signaling that he had fallen, our father would have died. LifeLine with AutoAlert is worth every penny and more than a million dollars because we still have my father. All I can say is the lifeLine with Auto Alert is awesome." - Debbie C. (Denton, TX )

 "I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all your help  at a time in my life that I realize that I am getting older, I don't want to admit it because I've always been independent. Your services makes the world brighter. You know when you are sick the world looks different to you. You can't cope like you used to. It is great to know that someone is there when you need it.  It is nice to know you have a personal interest in us, too and we can call on you for help when we need it for other things." - M. Lawson (Irving, TX)

"Ever since our diabetic, 85-year old dad has been using the Philips medication dispenser, his blood sugar readings have improved steadily because he is not missing doses of medication. Plus he does not have to handle several bottles of medication on a daily basis anymore. He really likes the PD2. We, also, like the PD2 because we only have to re-fill the machine once a month, and we know that our dad is getting the proper dosage of medication at the correct time of day!" - Roslyn and Kevin

"Thank you for giving me peace of mind with my Mom. You're the greatest!" - J. Hutcheson (Frisco, TX)

Earlier this year, we announced our new relationship with TV host and health advocate, Leeza Gibbons and her dad, Carlos Gibbons. During a recent follow-up interview with Carlos’ physician, Dr. Joseph Evans attributed Carlos’ survival from a recent heart attack to the Philips Lifeline medical alert service.

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We strive to make sure all of our customers have the best experience with us and we are always open to suggestions on what we can do to make it even better!

"Bonnie, you have been so good to me I wanted to thank you."  - G. Cooksey (Lancaster, TX)

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