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Home 2.0 4G LTE Smart / Voice Assist Technology In-Home System


We have the medical alert to match your needs and provide a feeling of security in and around the home. With a simple push of your Help Button, worn as a pendant or wristband, you’ll be quickly connected to the 24/7 Call Center for assistance.

Features and Benefits:

Cellular Medical Alert

  • Waterproof! Feel confident that you're covered even while taking a bath.

  • Wide Range of Operation - Your help button will send alerts from anywhere inside your home, as long as you’re within range of the in-home Communicator.

  • 24/7 Coverage - The multi-lingual Call Center Associates are professionally trained, standing by to answer your call and assess the level of emergency.

  • Button is lightweight and has a worry-free battery! 

  • Optional Automatic Fall Detection too!

    • Fall Detection technology can detect a fall, without you pushing the button, and automatically call the 24/7 helpline for you. 

    • If you are conscious always press your button.

    • Not all falls are detected.

Looking for coverage outside of the home too?

Call us today to hear about our Mini or Mobile 2.0 option!

(972) 668-8242

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