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How does a Fall Detection Pendant work?


They are designed to sense when someone wearing the device had fallen. Data is gathered by sensors located in the device. They sense the speed of impact and the distance of the fall.


Once the sensors notice an unusual activity, data will be recorded for up to 10 seconds. This data is then analyzed. If it thinks you have fallen, a call is generated to the call center.


Sometimes normal activities can generate a fall indication, such a sitting too hard in a chair, quickly lying down or stumbling and catching yourself before a fall. If the device makes a call even if you have not fallen, please tell the call center that no help is needed. They will rest your equipment.


While fall detection pendants perform well, no system is 100% reliable. If you experience a fall, do not wait for the automatic call. You should always press the call button manually in an emergency if you are able to.


  • One in three seniors fall each year

  • 82% of the falls happens when the person is alone.

  • One of the most dangerous places to fall in when you are alone in your own home.

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