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Key features include:

  • Medical Alert Features: Two ways to access help; a discreet red button on the side or a swipe-to-alert feature within the watch's LED display.

  • Activity Tracking: Users can set daily activity goals, along with their weekly progress, and calorie count based on steps and weight.

  • Social Circle Apps: Equipped with speech-to-text technology, the apps give users the ability to easily communicate with their loved ones by speaking directly into their watch.

  • Location Services: Using the powerful 4G LTE network, pre-loaded apps track the location of users with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Reminder Alerts: Calendar notifications and medication reminders gently notify the wearer when it's time to go to a doctor appointment or take their pills.

  • Charging Cradle: Comes with an easy-to-use charging cradle with voice assist feature that allows users with poor eyesight to hear when the device is charging properly.

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